Break Dance: the Movie: the Animation

I made this a few months ago for Matt Camacho, and, in my haste to readjust the site, I forgot to put it back up. …which works out pretty well since I’ve really got nothin’ new to show off today.

So here it is, from his instructional Breakdance film, it’s a typical day in the life of Poppin’ John…

Fatal Attractions

For today’s post I’ve reenacted the dramatic climax of the Fatal Attractions arc as seen in X-Men #25. My interpretation is loose, and, in my opinion, way more hilarious. For those of you that aren’t giant nerds, this is the part where Magneto, in a fit of rage, tears Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton out of his body. For hilarity’s sake I chose the exit to be through his ass, and who doesn’t like the Charleston?
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Happy Birthdays

This is a very big birthday week. First we’ve got Poncho Camacho whose baby girl was just born on the 18th, so congrats to him and Lindsay and their newborn Emma. Then, on Wednesday, my own daughter Ima has her fifth birthday.

If you’re into amazing people doing amazing things then you’ll like my final installment of Beirut propaganda seen below. Thanks again for stopping by!