Press A

Press A from Rebecca Mayes on Vimeo.

Check it out, the video’s done! There are a few people that helped me make this thing that I should thank. First, to my wife Renee, thanks for taking care of things while I sat on the computer durings evenings and weekends. Second, to my favorite geek friend Alison Endacott for giving me tech support every other day. And finally, of course, thanks to all of my friends and family for being so overly supportive. When you get down to it I’m basically just drawing squiggly stick figures, so thank you for figuring out ways to encourage me.

Enjoy Rebecca Mayes’s “Press A”, and please go check out her other songs, they’re just as great and update regularly. My personal favorite is her review for Hotel Dusk, but the Resident Evil 5 review is a close second.

Thank you, thank you,
Noah Rodenbeek

Jump 2

The video’s done, the video’s done! I’m not going to show it off before Rebecca has a chance to, but, trust me, as soon as she does you guys will be the first to see it… outside of the hundreds of people that will see it at her site.
In the meantime in-between time, here’s a something that wound up on the cutting room floor. There were a couple of times when I would kind of mess around and make something I thought would work great in the video that just didn’t fit in… this is probably the only one of those you’ll ever see. It’s pretty funny though. See, dude’s jumping over and over and over and over again. Classic.
Anyways, this guy was the same character I’ve used in my Jump and Juggle videos, I just dragged him over for the video to be Audio Gamer’s boyfriend. ‘Cuz I like to pimps out my cartoons from time to time. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!