Gas Anxiety

Yay fart jokes! You may remember I mentioned a couple weeks ago that the crew from Apokalips, the greatest webcomic of all time, pitstopped at my house on their way from NYC to Seattle to meet Gary Larson. I just came home today to find a crate of fruit as their thanks. Class. Act. Thanks, Mike, Alex, and Jason! You guys are welcome back anytime.

Soundtrack for this installment: Elliott Smith

Under Construction 2

Yay, I’m copping out again. Here’s another under construction animation I’ve done for the site I’m building for Chef Anna Serene. It’s been an adventure and I’m once again hugely indebted to my real web dev friend Alison Endacott of Mad Sprocket. I was able to muddle through and figure out a lot for myself, but I would have been hopelessly lost without her guidance.
Thanks for stopping by again. I’m sorry if you’ve come for Jute Part 9, I don’t think that’s going to be happening for a while to come. She was a fun project and I really hope to get back to her story someday, but for now I’ve got bigger fish to mouse. Please use the link to the left to check out my game reviews and maybe some others at Game People. There’s this Haiku Gamer that’s pretty interesting.