The Way of the Samurai 3 Review

Merry Xmas! I hope everyone got what they wanted. Thanks for stoppin’ by, and thank you for helping make Drawn by Mouse’s inaugural year such a huge success. What started here as a sort of experiment/learning experience has turned into a great source of encouragement for me to take my art more seriously. Special thanks to Rebecca Mayes and Game People for giving me a chance, Alison and Mad Sprocket for technical support and fun side projects, and David for cracking the proverbial whip and keeping my normal drawing hand practiced at Parallax City.

I’m hoping to have even bigger projects and events lined up for 2010 including a lengthy cartoon-documentary, a facelift for, and, Todd willing, the continuation of the Jute series.

ciao for now,

The Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Review

Here’s the latest review for Game People. Please jump over there and show some support!

If you find dbm’s schedule too arbitrary and sporadic and would prefer to just get a heads up when a new post hits then the drawn by mouse Facebook page might be the place for you.

As usual, I’m grateful for your visit!

p.s. – If you’re not listening to Yeasayer (yay-sayer) yet, you’re wasting your life:

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