I made the above after I encountered this:

Now I swear to Bob, I am the biggest Ocarina of Time fan you’ll ever meet, but this kid puts me to shame. He puts us all to shame. There’s a whole series of these! Fantastic!

Okay, now I’m off to watch Episode 18 f Season 1 of Lost. Interesting thing I discovered today while talking to a few of my Season 6’er friends, the only common ground of opinions we seem to have at this point is that Sayid is a badass mo fo. Apparently Lost is going to somehow twist my blinding-rage hate for Sawyer into me liking him… maybe as one of my favorite characters. If they somehow do that, I swear I will never forgive them. “They” and “them” being whoever’s responsible for Lost. ABC, JJ Abrams, whatever.
Ciao for now,


This was me trying to work this weekend. I hate getting sick. It’s a frustrating kind of boredom where you can’t stand to just lay around, but if you stand up the world starts to tilt sideways.
On the plus-side, we got a lot of Lost watchin’ in. We’re over halfway through the first season now and I’m confident we’ll have it all ingested by May 23rd. A few things about the show i love and hate:
1. I love Jack. I’ve never been a Matthew Fox fan, but this is a good role for him.
2. Kate’s dead to me. Why would you tongue that psychopath Sawyer? As soon as you notice that he’s mentally unstable, it’s time to call off the intrigue.
3. Sawyer’s an ass just for the sake of being an ass. Are there Lost fans that like this or is everyone just as frustrated by him as me?
4. Poor Jin, dude.
5. Hurley’s hilarious.
6. Locke is awesome.
7. That’s all for now. Oh wait, Shannon needs to die. That is all.


Happy Birthday, Pluto! 80 years old, not too shabby, not too shabby at all.
In other news, I’ve finally fallen prey to the guilt trips of every single friend and family member I know. This time, I’ve been persuaded to watch Lost. I skipped out on watching Lost when it started because it had come on the successful heels of Survivor and just the idea of a sitcom version of a reality show made me want to vomit. Apparently I was dead wrong about Lost’s intention. Apparently Lost is this insane Sci-Fi endeavor that has somehow been marketed as a completely normal show all these years.
So here I am, starting at Season 1, Episode 1. I’m already sucked in, it’s very addictive. I also know enough about the show to have gotten goosebumps when Jack first introduced himself to Kate. There’s an overwhelming sense of destiny there that I probably wouldn’t have appreciated 6 years ago.
There are 121 episodes of Lost, and only 3 months until the series finale. My goal is to get caught up in time to be apart of this really important piece of pop culture history. By my rough calculations, my wife and I need to watch an episode every single day between now and then and commit ourselves to marathon days on the weekend.
This is exactly why I’ve always been afraid to catch up on Lost.