The Crookeds

Portrait of the Crooked Gremlins

Random. Dark. …and super random. The Crooked Gremlins have the right formula. Take every completely immature and random thought that ever goes through your head, and turn it into a comic strip. These guys ride the fine line between non-sequitur and what-the-fuck-is-a-non-sequitur. And yes, that is a recommendation for reading their strips.
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Portrait of a Kimbo Fan

1930’s Nightmare Theatre is the harrowing tale of a young •expletive deleted• named Kimbo, and is a consistently clever read. The topics are always dark, the violence is always inappropriate, and I find that this strip fills a void in my life. A void I am ashamed of and kind of prefer not to talk about. Go read these adventures and see if Ricky Garduno’s creation does something like that for you.
Or don’t.
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