Lend Me Your Mouse, pt. 2

A Meta Within a Meta

Layer upon layer of self-reference. For his guest strip, Gar has made the meta-joke equivalent of Inception. At the risk of talking the strip to death, the guy the mouse is drawing is your beloved (and often faceless) leader… me!

Gar Molloy of Neko the Kitty is a webcomics workaholic. While most of us approach this hobby lackadaisically, Gar comes full force with a reliable frequency that is just not very common… at least for very long. If you’re not reading Neko the Kitty, you should check it out. It’s really hard to find a comic that brings this kind of consistent quality.

Thanks for the strip, Gar! When your mouse-drawing carpal-tunnel goes away I’ll ask you to do another 🙂

Lara Croft

Lara Croft Portrait
Lara Croft Portrait

Oooo, Lara, you so fine. I tried mixing up the formula for my Game People reviews, starting with a sexy portrait of Miss Lara Croft. If you hate reading as much as I do, I’ll sum my review up here for you: “Lara Croft, Guardian of Light is good and well worth $10.”
Outside of that, things have been super crazy at the House Rodenbeek. Construction is occurring at all times, and everyday something new is finished. I’m hoping to have all of my freetime back early in 2011, at which point I am going to make weekly DBM’s as well as pour more efforts into my other projects.
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