The Dragon Slaya

Slay the dragon, scale the tower, sprint the stairs… and then what? Wake up the princess? It’s not bad enough that she’s been sleeping this whole time, but now I have to wake her up?


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You Are What You Bleed
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Dexter in Repose

I love Dexter. I loved it right away. I’ve spent the last four years ducking it despite advice to watch it pouring in from everyone I know, but one night the wife and I relented and sat down to watch Dexter, Season 1, Episode 1. We haven’t slept much lately as our nights are instead filled with watching just-one-more episode of Dexter. We’re watching the Season 2 finale tonight.

I have to say I kind of hate season 2. It’s had really great moments, especially the Doaks-headbutt scene, but it lost a lot of what I was so eager to see in Season 1. I think Season 1 of Dexter might be the most well-rounded, perfect piece of television I’ve ever watched. I’ve never wanted to rewatch a season of any TV show, even Lost, but I’m excited to rewatch Dexter.

So, like so many of my friends did to me for the last few years, I challenge you, dear reader-who’s-never-watched-Dexter, to go forth and watch Dexter. You won’t be disappointed.

Also, check out my guest spot over at the Crooked Gremlins! Boom, that’s 2.6 million square pixels of guest-comic-y goodness.

Professor Elemental

Penny Dreadful; Portrait of the Professor Elemental

Penny Dreadful; Sketches of the Professor Elemental

I’m not even sure what to tell you about Professor Elelemental. His rap-battle song is called “Fighting Trousers”. He has a song about a new hardcore drug that turns out to be Jeckyl’s Hyde Elixir. My personal favorite is “Penny Dreadful”, a song about his insane inventions and quirky life told around the unveiling of his latest creation, the airship Scandal.
If you only listen to one steampunk rapper in your lifetime, make sure it’s Professor Elemental.
Thanks for the heads up, Miles! And thank you, reader, for visiting.