Gizmo 2

Playing Indoors

Sorry for the delay between posts. Sometimes I get stuck with really big projects that take a while to finish. This would definitely be one of them. This is my submission to Smashing Magazine’s desktop-wallpaper-calendar competition, and it was accepted! There are a ton of way better pieces there, and I’m very proud to have made it into the mix. I’m working on a tutorial to compliment my submission for May, so stay tuned for that action.
For March’s submission I used Les McClaine’s How-to-Color-Like-a-Little-Old-Lady tutorial from Jonny Crossbones. I love the feeling and heart the style injects. I experimented a lot beforehand and this look makes most illustrations and photographs look amazing.
Ciao for now, and thanks for stopping by!

20 Random Sketches

Just 20 Random Sketches

I’m a big fan of sketching and doodling. It’s my favorite part of the whole process by far. I like the unintended successes you get when you just draw without thinking. I found a list of 146 sketchbook ideas, whittled it down to a manageable 20, and drew these panels. It would be really fun to see what other people might come up with if they sat down with this very same list. So if you do that, don’t forget to share it with me.
In other news, the X-Men First Class trailer is out. I’d link you to it but I don’t want that piece of shit’s hyperlink tainting my already disgusting website.


Gizmo's Heart Drive

This is Gizmo, he’s the mascot for One of my grueling illustration tasks for the slave-drivers over at Mad Sprocket is a monthly submission for Smashing Magazine’s desktop calendar listing. This submission wasn’t chosen, but I’m still very happy with how it turned out. I typically keep all of my mouse drawings in Illustrator, but to get the mood lighting right for this one I had to go into Photoshop at the end.
And now, an update, of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together… It’s the Arrested Development movie. …maybe.