Jubilee vs. Apocalypse

Jubilee vs. Apocalypse

If Bryan Singer can rape the X-Men, I think I’m allowed to make Jubilee’s weird blind-person glasses into aviators. Seriously though, I hate Bryan Singer.

Also, here’s the rough draft for this illustration. I frequently like my rough sketches more than the final product. I don’t know if that speaks to my tastes for rough sketches or my abilities at finishing work.

RIP, Ricky Garduno

Sorry, Ricky

I dropped in to Dumm for my weekly lol and was presented with the news that on December 7th, Ricky decided to take his own life. Luckily there are pretty much no details to be found on the internet, but the general consensus seems to be suicide. He was my favorite webcomicist and a big inspiration. He did story-boarding work for a lot of big shows including Family Guy. He was funny and ironic and apparently extremely depressed. He was 35.