Geoffrey’s Banana

Professor Elemental presents Geoffrey's Banana

Well, I don’t want to alarm you, but I’m a published comicist now. This is the page I made in the just released Professor Elemental comic. The good Professor contacted me to make this piece about a year ago, and we collaborated with a slew of other artists, not the least of which was our cover artist Mike Hawthorne.

The least of which was actually me, but from there we have the talented Owen Watts, the infallible Liam Byrne, and the surprisingly-fire-retardant James Feist. Together we have created what critics* are now calling the greatest comic book of all time.

Calm down though, no local retailers will be carrying this. Maybe Astro Kitty’s will have a few copies. Other than that I think we’re looking at a print-on-demand situation. Anyways, the general public is currently safe from its harmful UV rays.

*I’m legally obligated to admit that no critics know this comic exists, let alone rank it among even their top 1,000 greatest all-time comics.