Brown, the Monk

So Jonathan from my gaming group plays this reliably unreliable monk, and on normal game nights we’re used to him recovering more hit points than he’s relieving-bad-guys-of. Except for last night when he used this crazy kind of Checkers encounter power where he sprinted across the dungeon, passing by every enemy, triggering like five opportunity attacks, but simultaneously melee’ing (and effectively slaying) every opponent. The amazing coup d’eta was, without question, the coolest thing his warrior monk Brown has done to date.
And it inspired me to make this crappy cartoon.

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2 thoughts on “Brown, the Monk

  1. So, I don’t play table top games (just never had a chance to get into them) but that sounds like a pretty bad-ass occurrence. Like having your dog bark a sentence or something.

  2. I was the same way, just sort of had a random chance to get in with a group and took it. I wish I would have started a long time ago, and totally recommend starting your own group.

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