Well, now I’ve done it. What started out as a simple layout overhaul has turned into something a little crazier. So, you know, pardon my dust. Things should be in order within a day or two.


We’re calling this “hobo-scrag.” You know, growing beards never bugs me except in Spring. I can comfortably wear a beard in the middle of Summer, but for some reason having a face sweater in April/May feels wrong.
Speaking of wrong, Renee and I started season 5 of Lost last night. It was a pretty disappointing one, in my opinion. I don’t know if it’s getting worse or if my tolerance for it has dropped, but the constant barrage of here’s-a-mystery-but-no-answer is driving me crazy. I feel like it’s gotten worse as the show’s become more popular, like they thought the part of the show people really love is being confused so let’s start doing that in like every scene.


UPDATE April, 12: Sorry, no update today. I spent my weekend working on a comic idea that turned out to be too large for Mouse’s layout. Looks like I’ll need to get my site redesign on before you can see the awesomes. Sorry! On a lighter note, you can look forward to a new site layout sooner than later!
Oh the unbearable suspense of static shock. Spring is here, so we bid a fond farewell to that awful menace. Happy Spring, and thanks to Anna Serene for the comic idea!