Dexter in Repose

I love Dexter. I loved it right away. I’ve spent the last four years ducking it despite advice to watch it pouring in from everyone I know, but one night the wife and I relented and sat down to watch Dexter, Season 1, Episode 1. We haven’t slept much lately as our nights are instead filled with watching just-one-more episode of Dexter. We’re watching the Season 2 finale tonight.

I have to say I kind of hate season 2. It’s had really great moments, especially the Doaks-headbutt scene, but it lost a lot of what I was so eager to see in Season 1. I think Season 1 of Dexter might be the most well-rounded, perfect piece of television I’ve ever watched. I’ve never wanted to rewatch a season of any TV show, even Lost, but I’m excited to rewatch Dexter.

So, like so many of my friends did to me for the last few years, I challenge you, dear reader-who’s-never-watched-Dexter, to go forth and watch Dexter. You won’t be disappointed.

Also, check out my guest spot over at the Crooked Gremlins! Boom, that’s 2.6 million square pixels of guest-comic-y goodness.

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