Religious Compulsion

If you haven’t heard the compelling story of Damon Fowler and Bastrop High School, then you’re probably not alone. The media has done a poor job of covering his story. Basically this kid gets kind of uncomfortable with his class reciting the Lord’s Prayer during his commencement ceremony, so he writes his super intendant to remind him about the Constitution and this little association called the ACLU. What ensued was a shitstorm of death threats and concentrated hate the likes of which… we’ve actually come to expect from the Bible Belt.
In the end, the valedictorian wound up leading the crowd in the Lord’s Prayer, saying “my religion compels me to break the law.” It was pretty easy to draw startling parallels from there.
Stay classy, Luoisiana. And stay strong Damon Fowler. The world is a lot bigger and nicer than your hometown makes it seem.
**EDIT 6/14/11: When I was storyboarding this animation, I used the 9/11 comparison as sort of list filler, but I wound up brainstorming enough other things that it really wasn’t necessary. I wish I’d never kept it in as it’s proven to be extremely distracting for some viewers. So, presto chango, one of the least atrocious examples from my animation has been removed.

4 thoughts on “Religious Compulsion

  1. An excellent juxtaposition of religious extremism versus militant um . . . learning? SCIENCE IS EXTREME!!! Well done, sir, well done.

  2. thank you, but the juxtaposition is more about what happens when one’s religious-belief-driven morals compells them to do something, to varying extremes. Whether that something is making neon colored signs thanking god for killing American soldiers or allowing men to stone you to death for revealing the wrong body part, religion can lead people to do some scary things. That’s not to say religion can’t lead people to do some great things… I just couldn’t think of any.

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